Corpus christi writers 2019


Corpus Christi Writers 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI WRITERS 2019 is now available. Fifty-five authors are featured.

From a poem about the fabled chupacabra to visions of dystopian futures, this anthology showcases the diverse viewpoints of the people of South Texas. King Arthur makes an appearance. There’s a talking squirrel, a talking cat, and a wily possum. A rattlesnake is put on trial. If you’re a recently-widowed man, you’ll find cooking hints. Absentee dads and dysfunctional families meander through the selections. Occasionally, estranged lovers reconcile. If you like crime, you’ll find a hit man and a pot-smoking hippie, not to mention a detective working for a blue-skinned client. South Texas remains deeply religious, and several selections embody a traditional viewpoint. Other selections, decidedly secular, use religious imagery to express dissonance.

Both poetry and prose are included, but the distinction between the two blurs. Some works employ rhymes and flowery language, while others tell stories in a gritty, elliptical fashion. Some are short and easily accessible while others contain literary references and require effort. Some selections might be called memoirs while others look like memoirs, but may actually be fiction. Much of the work is “traditional” in style, but one selection is told in the form of e-mails and another takes the form of diary entries. One selection employs different fonts. Several stories feature often-abrupt shifts in point of view. A battleship is personified. A dark cloud follows a man who makes a living singing at funerals. The spirit of a woman’s dead mother appears as a dove.

Taken as a whole they embody the spirit of South Texas while also articulating universal themes.

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Submission Deadline/Guidelines

The submission deadline was April 15, 2019. The submission deadline has passed.

The anthology will be available in the fall. This anthology will be available in print and e-book formats. Any resident or native of Corpus Christi, Texas or the surrounding areas may submit. Shorter submissions, up to 3000 words, are preferred. Any style or genre is acceptable. Poetry, fiction, memoirs, essays, and creative non-fiction are acceptable.  Excerpts from longer works are acceptable. Diverse viewpoints are acceptable. Experimental work is acceptable. Interesting social media posts are acceptable. Submissions that appear to be social media posts are acceptable. Submit to


Those selected for the anthology receive a free copy of the anthology. They also receive the opportunity to buy additional copies at a discounted rate, approximately 30% lower than the Amazon price. They receive promotion of them and their work. This includes space on and periodic rotation through social media promotions. It also includes invitations to participate in readings and book fares.


Project updates will be posted periodically on