Local writers and special guests

John Meza

John Meza moderates poetry readings at the Nuevo Cafe. He also builds bridges. Read some of his work.

Roberta Dohse

After a stint on a farm in northern Minnesota and time in Oregon, she moved to Texas. Read her poem Bittersweet.

Robin Carstensen

Robin Carstensen directs the creative writing program at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. Read her poem Breaking Point.

Johnny Jebsen

Who is Johnny Jebsen?How did he get my email address? Why does he send me poetry?

Joel Ortiz

Tom Murphy

Read Obituary about the life and times of Margaret Screws

Jose Olivares

 Jose Olivares was born in Corpus Christi. He graduated from Roy Miller High School, and the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&I University Kingsville, and Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.  Read some of his writing.

Kristi Sprinkle

Kristi Sprinkle has been writing since she was a teenager living in Corpus Christi. Attending college in Austin, she set down roots that could not be pried from Austin’s soil – and was part of the grassy-roots open mike poetry there. After raising chickens in a suburban neighborhood, she decided she could raise goats, pigs, guineas, peafowl, dogs and a cat or two, along with green leafy stuff and potatoes on a large piece of grassy land close to Austin. Read some of her poetry

Louis Epstein

Louis Epstein is a former international variety performer, comedian, dj, emcee, writer and game show host. He has been the national arm and VP of Marketing for Best Entertainers for 30+ years. He was also the VP of Communications for NACE (award winning chapter), MPI, ISES and now the Society of Talent and Entertainment Professionals. Read his description about the life of a performer.

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